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  • Pro and Anti-Ethiopia gov’t groups fist fight in Wales

    a statement, a spokesman for the YMCA said that the meeting invovled an “Ethiopian diaspora group” who were meeting with officials from the Ethiopian Embassy.

    The meeting was arranged with the support of the Somali community in Newport.

    He added a group of Ethiopians who oppose the present Ethiopian government arrived at the event and a dispute broke out which rapidly deteriorated into a physical confrontation.

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  • NGO Job Vacancy Ethiopia

    NGO Job Vacancy Ethiopia

    A career in a Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) provides an opportunity to make a difference, support others in need and create a positive change in communities. Besides that, NGOs and the United nations are one of the highest paying institutions in the world. With a high salary margin and other salary benefits, NGO jobs can boost your career and help you reach your goals. NGO Job Vacancy Ethiopia – Apply Now for the latest NGO Jobs & Vacancies.

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  • Ethiopia reports deadly raid by gunmen from South Sudan

    More than 1,000 gunmen from South Sudan have killed 28 people and kidnapped 43 children in neighbouring Ethiopia, according to a government official.

    Chol Chany, a regional government spokesman, said on Wednesday the raids occurred on Sunday and Monday in Gambella region's Gog and Jor areas, which border South Sudan's Boma region.

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  • Cabin Crew Vacancy Ethiopian Airlines - Apply Now

    Cabin Crew Vacancy Ethiopian Airlines

    Ethiopian Airlines Cabin Crew Training Center is renowned for consistently offering the highest industry standard cabin crew members. The training center has been a leading provider of Cabin Crew professionals for the past 57 years with a proud tradition of training world class cabin crew members. The Airiness is currently looking for qualified applicants for cabin crew vacant positions and you are welcomed to apply – Cabin Crew Vacancy Ethiopian Airlines.

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  • More than 70 Assistant Customs Officer jobs in Airport Customs

    The Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority (ERCA) is the body responsible for collecting revenue from Customs duties and Domestic taxes. In addition to raising revenue, it is responsible to protect the society from adverse effects of smuggling and contraband. It seizes and takes legal action on the people and vehicles involved in the act of smuggling, any tax evasion and avoidance while it facilitates the legitimate movement of goods and people across the border.

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  • Shocker: South African Man Poisons Himself After Wife Gives Birth To A White Child

    KwaZulu-Natal, a coastal South African province, is known for its beaches, mountains and savannah populated by big game. The safari destination Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, in the northeast, is home to black and white rhinos, lions and giraffes. Durban is an Indian-influenced harbor city and a popular surfing spot. Cultural villages around the town of Eshowe showcase the traditions of the indigenous Zulu people.

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  • How to Treat Acne with Clindamycin Lotion

    Acne or Pimple occurs when an oily substance called sebum clogs skin pores. Pimples affect the skin of majority of teenagers and significant number of adults. They usually pop up on the face, neck , back , chest and shoulders. Even though acne is not a serious health risk, it may leave permanent scars on the skin which could affect self esteem of a person. In this article you will find information on – How to Treat Acne with Clindamycin Lotion.

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