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  • Scholarship programs in Norway

    Ethiopian graduate students may apply for admission to a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree program in Norway. Norway offers a unique student experience and Norwegian higher education institutions welcome applications sent by qualified students from all over the world.

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  • Top 5 Best job search sites in Ethiopia

    The internet and online job hunting has transformed the way we look for jobs, making our searches quicker, easier and often a lot wider. If you want to avoid checking through hundreds of vacancies, it is important to make your search as targeted as possible. But there’s an art to looking for work: check the deadline or closing date for applications.

    Most sites are good at removing vacancies that have passed. But it is always a good idea to double-check the deadline. Don’t waste time sending an application that might not be considered. If you’re not sure, email the employer or phone the company to check that the vacancy still exists.

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  • How To Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    There are numerous reasons that lead to data corruption, due to viruses or if the drive is unmounted improperly from the port. Therefore, we are going to share two easiest methods that will help you to recover files from Corrupted USB drive. Go through the post to know about it.

    The best way to recover data from corrupted storage device has been stated below. Today we mostly share our files through USB and some storage drives, but due to some viruses or if the drive is unmounted improperly from the port then it can lead to data corruption and they stop working properly. And data in them can  be inaccessible. So for this, we have a method to recover files from this corrupted drive. You just have to follow simple guide to recover all your files from any corrupted drive.

    How To Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    The method is very simple and easy and depends on a cool recovery CMD trick and on a recovery software that will let you recover all files easily from your corrupted USB drive where you are unable to access files. Just follow some simple steps below to proceed.


    Recover All Files From Corrupted Storage Device Using CMD:

    Step 1. First of all Insert your drive in computer and press Windows button and type cmd. Now right click on Command Prompt and select Run as admin.

    Recover Files From Corrupted USB DriveRecover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    Step 2. Now there type Chkdsk H: /f where “H” is the drive letter and which can be different on your computer which you can check in Computer.

    Recover Files From Corrupted USB DriveRecover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    Step 3. Now files and folders verifying process will start and you can see the process in percents there. If you receive the error that your drive is not windows XP drive then simply enter Y there. When it is done, you should see this in your command window

    Recover Files From Corrupted USB DriveRecover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    Step 4. In the above-mentioned screenshot, my USB drive is working fine and it has no corruption, in case if you USB  drive was corrupted then you will get the recovered data stored in the directory Lost.dir in your USB drives.

    If you see no items on your USB drive then simply type “.” (dot without quotes)in a search box top right corner and hit enter.

    #2 Using EaseUS Data Recovery:

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is the card recovery freeware for memory card used by digital camera. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted files from various memory cards.

    Step 1. First of all, download and install the tool EaseUS Data Recovery wizard on your windows computer, and launch it. You need to select the file types that you want to recover and click “Next”

    Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    Step 2. Now you need to select your USB drive and need to hit the “Scan” button, EaseUS data recovery will quickly scan for the lost files.

    Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    Step 3. Once the scan gets completed, you can preview all the recoverable files. You just need to click on “Recover” button to get your lost files back.

    Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive

    So above is all about Recover Files From Corrupted USB Drive. With these two mentioned methods, you can easily recover all your files from a corrupted USB and any storage drives very easily. Also, all other USB errors will get fixed with this trick. Hope you like the article, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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  • How to Access Your Computer from Your iPhone

    There are several methods for accessing your computer with an iPhone. Most options can be costly, charging a one-time fee or monthly/annual subscriptions. The two methods that function best also happen to be completely free for personal use. Both methods require you to install a host app on your iPhone and a companion app on the computer you want to control. Once configured, you’ll be able to control any computer remotely as if you are sitting in front of it.

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  • Top 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki

    Isaias Afwerki, is the first President of Eritrea, a position he has held since its independence in 1993. He led the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) to victory in May 1991, thus ending the 30-year-old armed liberation struggle that the Eritrean people refer to as “Gedli”.

    The 25-year leader of Eritrea, has recently been accused of crimes against humanity in a new report compiled by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea. The report included testimonies of arrests for voicing dissent, torture, rape, enslavement, murder, and retaliation against the families of dissidents who fled Eritrea.

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  • How Women in Africa Boost Bottoms With Padded Panties

    Despite being an item of ridicule in the past, today, many women are rushing to have larger behinds in the name of wealth, health and a means to build self-confidence as well as attract the opposite sex.

    In Ivory Coast, a woman’s beauty is defined by how big her bottom is. In order to acquire the ‘bootylicious’ bottom, some squirt creams onto their behinds, others pop pills while others adorn padded panties.

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  • Here’s Why Men’s Shirt Buttons Are On The Right While Women Have Them On The Left

    The history of buttons is intriguing. What's even more interesting is the reason behind their different placement on shirts for men and women. From horses to babies to Napoleon, each theory is more interesting than the previous one.

    Button up as we go through the pages of history to find out the reason behind this mystery:

    1. Napoleon Bonaparte's scheme of stopping women from mocking him.

    All of his portraits have his right hand tucked into the coat which could only be achieved if the buttoning was from left to right. It is said that women used to stick their hand in just like he did, mimicking & mocking him. He then ordered all women's clothing to have buttons on the opposite side so that they could no longer do that.

    Source: urbanfinne

    2. Women were dressed by servants and men dressed themselves.

    While men usually dressed themselves when it came to dressing, women in yesteryears had servants to do that for them. Since servants were mostly right-handed, it was easier for them to have the buttons on the left.

    Source: undressinghistorical


    3. Men held swords in their right hand while women held babies in their left.

    It was easy for men to unbutton their upper-wear with their left hand as their right was preoccupied with a sword, especially during warfare. As for women, they held babies in their left hand to keep their right hand free for unbuttoning their top to allow babies to breast feed.

    Source: hitfix

    Source: tvinsider

    4. Women rode sidesaddle on the horse while men sat astride.

    While heading into combat, men sat astride and rode on the left side of the road so that they could use their right hand to hold swords. They would draw these swords from their left hip and the left side had to overlap the right to prevent the hilt of the sword from getting stuck in the coat or shirt. Women, on the other hand, sat sidesaddle to the left, like they do on cycles and bikes these days. Buttoning on the left did not allow any wind to enter into their shirts.

    Source: calgaryherald

    5. Women wanted to prove they are equal to men and different as well.

    Another theory says that to prove that women are equal to men, many features of men's clothing were borrowed by them. But they did want to put in a few changes to indicate that they are different too. Hence, buttons on opposite sides.


    6. Manufacturers & producers wanted to keep this difference.

    When shirts for both sexes went into mass production, such minor changes are what identified the difference between male and female clothing.

    Source: wearekoalasvintage

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  • 13 Kissing Styles Every Couple Must Try

    Kissing is one of the most intimate forms of showing love and affection.
    And, like almost everything else, it too needs to have some variety to keep it from dulling down and becoming boring, right?
    Well then, guess what? There really are many ways of kissing, and every couple must know and try them out.

    1. Can it get any hotter?

    2. Being a gentleman…

     3. Equality – on all fronts


    4. That’s one long process




    5. Diversifying the target

    6. Braggers gonna brag



    7. Let the tentacles of love wrap around you… or whatever

    8. It’s a kissing marathon

    9. Just when you thought there was nothing like too much tongue…

    10. Just close your nose and do it without thinking

    11. When you don’t get the appropriate response from the other end

    12. You got too-much-tongue… now get this

    13. That’s like the bloody black hole of kisses

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