• Tax Authority Takes the Renowned Oromiffa Singer Kemer Yousuf to Court

    The Federal High Court has sent out a public domain call for Kemer Yousuf the renowned Oromiffa singer, after the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority claimed that it could not find the singer at his registered residence.

    However, the singer is protesting the claim.

    “This is done deliberately,” Kemer said. “I lived in the same residence for the last four years in Bole district, Wereda 6, Kebele 12/13 Ho.No 419/2.”

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  • No fear, no joke: Ethiopia to play Algeria today

    Walias of Ethiopia stood with morale in a clash against Desert Foxes of Algeria at Stade Mustapha Tchaker in Blida for the Gabon 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifier, this evening, despite forward Salahdin Said turned down coach’s call-up.

    Salahdin claims he is mentally not ready to play for the Walias after being without competitive action in almost two months.

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  • Fans unveil banners pleading with Wenger to quit

    Arsenal supporters were seen holding a banner asking Arsene Wenger to quit as manager as they watched their side defeat Hull City 4-0 in the FA Cup on Tuesday.

    Prior to their cup victory the Gunners endured a poor run of results, drawing with the Tigers at the Emirates and losing to Barcelona, Manchester United and Swansea in quick succession.

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  • An Italian pilot threatened to crash his passenger jet if his wife left him

    An Italian pilot allegedly threatened to crash his passenger jet if his wife left him, but was stopped minutes before taking off by police.

    When his wife apparently threatened to leave, the unnamed Italian pilot, in his 40s, sent a text saying he would kill himself along with the 200 passengers on his Rome-Japan flight, The Times reported.

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  • Student Demands Nestle Give Her Lifetime Supply...For KitKat With No Wafer


    Saima Ahmad, a 20-year-old student at Kings College, London, was in for a surprise when she bought a multi-pack of KitKats from her local grocery store in January. After opening the packaging, she soon discovered that eight of the bars were missing their signature wafer.

    Upset about the wafer-less chocolate, Ahmad wrote to Nestle, the manufacturer of KitKat, claiming that they neglected their duty of care to the customer. She is now demanding a free lifetime supply of KitKats from Nestle or she will pursue legal action. To back up her case, she included a legal precedent set in the 1930s in her claim.

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  • Is!s 'beheads teenage boys for listening to pop music and missing Friday prayers


    The Is!s jihadist group has reportedly beheaded a teenage boy for listening to pop music and shot dead two others for missing Friday prayers, as part of a crackdown on personal freedoms in the group's Iraqi stronghold of Mosul.

    The incidents, reported by Kurdish media, come with enemy forces lined up within miles of Mosul and with the group having suffered repeated military setbacks across Iraq.

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